tiles flooring perth

Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles Flooring Perth

West Lake flooring

When talking about tiles, there’s only one company that can be called premiere. West Lake Flooring only deserves the title. We provide high quality tile, bamboo, laminate, wood and vinyl for homes and renovation projects. We can deal with architects, builders or directly with home owners. We can do the installing ourselves or supply builders their materials to help you beautify your place.

We are well-known for impeccable customer service, we also pride ourselves on environmentally friendly flooring. We porvide them at the most cost-effective prices. Get I touch with us so our experts will provide a free quote for each customer’s flooring needs. We believe in keeping our customers fully informed with accurate product and installation costs. Using floor plans or laser measurement technology we can provide the most accurate assessment of your flooring needs and costs.

World class flooring materials
Accurate flooring measurements
Accurate cost estimate for materials and installation.
Absolute minimal material wastage.
Tile, Bamboo, Laminate, Wood & Vinyl flooring.
Environmentally friendly flooring materials.
Installation by experienced staff.
Retail and wholesale
Impeccable customer service.

We can find the flooring you want.

Accurate measurement and assessment of your floor space is very important. In this way, materials will not to be wasted. Our Laser technology measurement systems make sure you have all the materials you need without incurring wastage.

The best building results require the best materials and the best workmanship. We provide our customers with both. Our flooring installation is designed to best suit your house, and built to last for years. Using one service for both materials and installation makes for an economical choice. Our experienced installation professionals can provide the best results as the best prices.

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