Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo has steadily become popular as a flooring material over the past generation. This is because it has many advantages, including a pleasing natural appearance and the ability to be processed to look like timber, or have synthetic colours. Best of all, it is moderately priced.

Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is also a sound ecological choice. Being a grass rather than a tree it is fast growing, reaching maturity in about 7 years. This means it can be harvested and used without having to wait a generation for regrowth, unlike timber which takes decades before it is ready to be used. It also does not need to be replanted each time; after harvesting it will start to regrow from the roots.
Appearance of bamboo

Bamboo, with minimal processing, has a pleasing look, rather like light colour timber. many homeowners are fond of this style of flooring. But bamboo can also be processed to look like dark timber, or processed to have unorthodox colours, like red, white or pale grey.

Caring for Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is easy to clean. It can be simply swept or vacuumed.
Like almost any flooring material bamboo will discolour in strong sunlight. But this is also true of carpets, timber and most furniture. This can be easily prevented if we put UV screens/film on all windows. UV screens are a good idea in all homes, preventing sun damage and helping with heating/cooling costs.
Myths about Bamboo

Older styles of bamboo floor were prone to superficial scratching, even as the main body of the material was extremely strong. This should not be an issue if the bamboo is given a hard protective coating.

Consider bamboo for your home.

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