Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

Solid timber was once the definitive flooring material. And while it remains popular there are other way to achieve a similar look to hardwood flooring, at a much lower cost. Laminate is one option, probably the cheapest. This uses a facsimile image of a wooden surface on a synthetic background. A better option is engineered flooring. This uses real timber, keeping the appearance of more expensive hardwood.

Engineered timber uses a thin veneer of attractive, expensive wood over a plain timber board. This means the floor surface is legitimate hardwood. But as the underlying wood is a cheaper (yet stable) material, so the total cost is significantly reduced.

The top veneer layer of timber is pre-finished; it is sanded, and often stained and sealed. This makes it both ready for installation, and usable immediately after installation. You can walk on the floor as soon as it has been installed, unlike hardwood which needs sanding, staining and sealing. (Some modern hardwood is now also pre-finished).

Advantages of Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

If there is a hardwood floor style that you like, then there is probably an equivalent engineered floor, with a veneer of the same timber on top.

The underlying material of engineered floors are usually high quality plywood. This is several layers of timber joined so that the grain in different layers runs at 90 degree angles. This provides exceptionally high stability and dimensional strength, one of the few things that solid hardwood lacks. So engineered flooring will tolerate any reasonable humidity, water and temperature conditions.

Because Engineered timber boards are pre-cut with tongue and groove edges they are a good option for DIY projects. they easily lock together.

Because of their stability they are a good option for underfloor heating. They are fine as a floating floor.


Engineered wooden floors cannot be repeatedly sanded, or the veneers will be sanded away. They might be sanded one of twice. This is different to solid timber that can be re-sanded a dozen times.

Timber Flooring Perth

Engineered floors offer the best of both worlds – real timber finish at a moderate cost. Consider this in any situation where real timber is the decor style you are looking for.

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