Timber Flooring Perth

Prevent Damage to Timber Floors

Timber Flooring Perth

Timber floors are very long lasting, the basic structure remaining sound for decades. But the surface of the timber floor, like almost any floor, is prone to superficial damage like scratching and denting.

Any damage suffered by these floors is often repairable. Timber floors can have their surface re-sanded to look like new. But of course it is better to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

This tends to be overemphasized, by children’s toys, crayons, permanent markers, dirty shoes and other objects will damage wooden floors. But parents can be vigilant about keeping these things outside the room. Keep toys confined to a child’s room, and protect the floor in that room with a large rug or other soft covering.

Tracking dirt into the home will always damage floors, carpets included. If we leave shoes at the door, a practice quite common in some cultures, then we keep the floors cleaner. the prevents damage, and it is more hygienic.

Exposure to moisture for any length of time will cause timber to change shape. A timber floor that has a protective coating has some resilience to this, but no timber floors is completely immune to water damage.

Timber floors should swept or vacuumed clean every few days. They can also be cleaned with a damp mop on a weekly basis. Make sure the floor is immediately dried.

Never use steam mops of timber.

The moisture in the air can slowly cause timber floors to change shape. Monitor the humidity levels. Use of air conditioning will keep humidity lower.

This is a real problem. Dogs and cats have claws that can damage the timber surface.

Have the pet’s claws trimmed.

Some extremely hard timbers are far more resilient to damage. Look for timber with a high Janka rating.

This is probably the first thing we should look at when the floor is installed. The legs of furniture will easily scratch and dent timber floors. Use coasters under the legs of all furniture, or put the furniture on a rug.

Timber Flooring Perth

With some basic precautions a timber floor will last for decades. Timber floors are suitable for any room that is not exposed to water.

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