Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlay can be placed beneath the top floor and the subfloor. It confers several benefits.

Noise control

As the name implies the acoustic underlay will reduce the noise that carries outside the room, so neighbours (especially those in the rooms below) will not be disturbed by the sound of anybody walking on the floor. Acoustic underlay will also help deaden the sound inside the room, reducing echo and keeping things quiet.


A hard floor can be hard on the bare foot. But floating floors with underlay will have a certain amount of springiness than makes them easier to walk on.

Thermal insulation

Acoustic insulation will provide some thermal insulation for a room, heling to keep the temperatures stable. This means retaining the heat in the winter and staying a little bit cooler in the summer. Thermal insulation means that heaters and air conditioners can achieve the same or better results with less effort and energy.

Dust and moisture Protection

Underlay prevents dust, allergens, and moisture from getting tapped under the floor. As long as the floor surface is kept clean there are no hidden spaces for dust and moisture to accumulate.

Floating Timber flooring Perth

Acoustic underlay goes beneath a floating floor. Floating Timber floors with underlay are solid and durable, and ideal for dance floors or any area that has heavy traffic and a need to keep the noise to a minimum. 

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate can also be used as a floating floor over acoustic underlay. This is quite fine for most domestic situations, the type of thing used in apartment or upper floors housing to prevent noise form disturbing people downstairs.


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