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Tiles Perth

Tiles Perth

Would you want to discuss tiles Perth today? This topic is essential if you are contemplating on installing new tiles on your space.


Benefits of Having A Professional Install Your Tile


It’s a given, doing home projects as “DIY” can be very fun and can make way for some savings. But, when talking about installing tiles, the best option is always to hire a professional. There are many benefits that can help you save time and help you avoid complications in the long run.


Protect the warranty


When you install tiles yourself, you run the risk of forfeiting the warranty given you. Most tile manufacturers won’t abide by the warranty if the tile or grout applied develops damage due to faulty installation. By getting a professional, you make sure that your warranty is safe and in effect, and you will be covered in case any issues develop.


Faster Installation


You may decide to install tiles yourself and in that way you can save some money. But hiring a professional can save you great chunks of time, and headache of doing the project yourself. Professionals install tiles for a living, so they are experts. They can also deal with any unexpected issues that may arise faster than you’d be able to. Would you want to discuss tiles Perth today? This topic is essential if you are contemplating on installing new tiles on your space.

Main Floor Options

Main Floor Options

Main Floor Options


We might have one type of flooring for most of the house, or different floors in different rooms. At the very least we will have a waterproof flooring in the bathroom. There are several main floor options. We can choose between these for the sake of appearance or functionality.


Timber Flooring Perth

This is one of the oldest options, but it remains popular because it is both long lasting and attractive if finished well.

Part of the appeal of natural timber is the woodgrain. This is a pleasant mixture or natural patterns and randomness, being neither sterile nor too ‘messy’. Attractive woodgrain can be enhanced with colour stain and polishing. And protected with coatings like polyurethane.

While durable and long lasting timber can eventually suffer superficial surface scratching. This can be removed with re-sanding. Many home owners choose to re-sand their timber floors every decade or so, to restore the original appearance. Else, re-sanding can be used if you wish to stain the floors a different colour.

Timber, from trees, takes many years to grow. But it also lasts for many years, often over a century. This makes it cheaper in the long term, because the floor rarely needs be replaced. As long as new trees are replanted to replace the timber being harvested then the process is environmentally friendly.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo is a more recent flooring trend. It can be processed to look like traditional timber, processed to have unique colours, or left to look like natural bamboo. It is also less expensive than timber and most other floorings.

Bamboo is hard and durable, though older styles of bamboo flooring were prone to surface scratching. If we protect the surface, perhaps with polyurethane, then the bamboo floor will last quite well.

Bamboo is fast growing, reaching maturity in only 7 years. This makes it an environmentally friendly option.


 Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate might be thought of as an artificial wood. It has a photorealistic image of natural woodgrain on top of a fibre board, all covered with a protective clear coating. Some laminate has a photorealistic image or stone or other material.

Laminate timber is one of the least expensive flooring options. It is easy to maintain and reasonably durable.


Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles are the best choice for any room that is exposed to water. They are used in almost all bathrooms, and often in kitchens, laundries and spas. Tiles also work well on walls as well as floors.

There are many type of tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass. All are hard wearing and last for decades. If a tile is damaged it is not too difficult to replace.


Wood, Bamboo, laminate and Tiles Perth             

There are many fine floor options for any home. Ask our staff and find the best floor for your needs.



Tiles Perth

Tiles Perth

Tiles Perth


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Floor Edge

Floor Edge Strip

Floor Edge Strip

At some point the flooring in our homes comes to an end. There may be joins between the different types of floor in different rooms. Or the flooring will end at any door that leads outside. So we have to have an edge for the floor. The type of floor edge we use depends on the situation.

Most buildings use a strip of edging material between different floors. This edging strip is often made of metal, but wood or other material sis sometimes used. Some, slightly more expensive options, have a rubber top section that covers the screws or nails used to attach the edging strip. Other options simply recess the nail or screws to prevent them protruding and catching on anything.


Timber Flooring Perth

If the whole house has timber flooring then we need only have edging strips at the entrances and exits to the home. Else, we might need edging strips where the floor of one room meets the next room.

Edging strips are easy to attach to timber. They can be simply cut to size and screwed or nailed into place. This can be used to cover any gaps between floors.

Timber edging strips, over a darker colour than the floor, can look quite stylish on a lighter timber floor.


Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate floors will use floor edge strips in the same way manner as timber floors. They can easily be nailed or screwed into place.


Tiles Flooring Perth

Because of the nature of tiles a tiled floor will often be at a different height to the other floors in a home. If this is the case then we will need an edging strip that accommodates this change in level. This is not too difficult to obtain. Metal edging strips that accommodate height differences from a few millimetres to a few centimetres are available at hardware stores.

The joint between a tiled floor and the nest floor will often need waterproofing with silicon, because tiled floors are usually exposed to water. The edging strip will neatly cover up this sealed joint.


Floors Perth

Floors only require a few basic accessories, like edging strips and skirting boards. Choose these to complement the décor.

General Tiles Perth

 Tiles Perth

Tiles are the best general flooring option for bathrooms and any part of the house that gets wet. No other material will handle wet conditions like tiles.

Using tiles is hardly a limitation. There are a very diverse range of tiles available, including many options that look like timber or stone. So if you prefer the look of wood for your floors, or even for the walls, you can have tiles that look the part.


Wall and Floor Tile Perth

As with any building materials we should consider the décor first. Both the style of tiles we use and the way we use them will make a huge difference to the appearance of a roo.


Walls with light colours tend to make the room look a little larger and brighter – more open. Floors can work well with darker tiles, especially if the walls (tiled or not) are lighter in colour.

Size Larger floor tiles tend to make the room look larger. They so require less grout between the tiles, so they are a little easier/quicker to install.

Larger tiles are also more popular on walls, looking more open. But this depends on the pattern.

Large plain tiles, or with a simple stone pattern, look more open and clean. Tiles with small detail, or just smaller tiles, can make a room look cluttered.

Combining with other surfaces.

We rarely use tiles on the whole bathroom. We might tile the entire floor, but the walls tend to use a combination of tiles and plain painted walls. Keep the walls colour in mind when choosing tiles.

White or plain colour walls will work with slightly patterned tiles. Walls with more vivid or darker colours look better with stark white tiles.

Most bathrooms have mirrors. This adds to the sense of space.

The window and shower curtains are also part of the décor, and should match the tiles. But curtains are fairly easy to replace.


Considerations with Tiles Flooring Perth

Porcelain tiles are fired at a much higher temperature than other tiles. This is part of the reason for their superior waterproofing qualities; they are also very hard wearing. So porcelain tiles are a good option for bathroom floors.

We can add underfloor heating before installing tiled floors, using hot water pipes or electrical cables to heat the floor, and thence the rest of the room. This is a major design consideration, and obviously need to be incorporated before the tiles are put in place. But the results are very effective, and long lasting.


Floor Tile Perth

Large scale manufacture and the large number of available options make tiles great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The price is moderate, and there is always a range of great decor options. We have the type of tiles Perth homes find popular.


Tiles Perth 11



Basement Flooring

Some homes have basements that can be put to use, either as storage space of as an addition living space.  This basement will require some flooring. The best type of flooring will depend on just what the room is used for. 

The conditions are quite different the other rooms in the home. Basements can have moisture problems which require a combination of waterproofing and a suitable flooring material that will handle this potential moisture. Moisture problems can lead to mould and mildew problems. It can also lead to shrinking and warping with some types of warping materials.


This is an inexpensive option, and available in many different styles that can replicate other flooring materials, from timber to stone. This is a good option for an inexpensive renovation.

Vinyl is fairly good with moisture, though it is not immune to mildew and mould. So if it is used in a basement it will need to be kept clean and decontaminated.

Laminate flooring Perth

This is also fairly inexpensive, and can replicate the appearance of timber, stone or other floor materials. But it is not good with standing moisture problems. So it can only be used in the basement if there are very dry conditions, i.e.: the basement is thoroughly water proofed.

Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles are excellent for dealing with moisture, and they last for decades. The downside is that they are hard and cold on the feet.

Tiles are fine for putting on a concrete slab in the basement, though they can be expensive. Some cheaper tile options are possible.

Hardwood Timber Flooring Perth

Timber hardwood is only suitable for basements if there are no moisture issues. Timber will warp then then is moisture in the air. Have the basement professionally tested (summer and winter conditions) and water proofed if you want timber flooring

Engineered Hardwood

A floating engineered floor can be installed over a concrete subfloor. This engineered timber will handle mild moisture problems well as it is less prone to warping. But the basement conditions must be fairly dry as no timber will work with constant moisture.

Cement – sealing

As many basements already have cement floors many people choose to leave this as it is; it is fine for a storage space. Else, the floor can be sealed with epoxy for a tough, long lasting finish.


Carpet is not really suitable for basements. It will tend to grow mouldy, which is a health risk. Some people are tempted to use old carpet in the basement, but the health risks form mould are not worth it.


Timber Flooring Perth

Timber floors can have a variety of different appearances, so a timber floor can give a totally different feel to a room. This is a major consideration in designing a room’s décor.


Rustic is the older look of simple countryside furniture and rooms. The contemporary rustic look is warm and open, while still simple and earthy, with an outdoors feel. The lines of the furniture and room can be a little loose.

For contemporary rustic think brickwork, exposed architecture, natural unpainted wood, natural elements, and warm earthy colours.

Solid timbers are ideal for rustic floors. This included using reclaimed wood for floors. Medium and dark wood, or woods stained medium dark, are appropriate here. Many prefer wide planks.


Most modern decors are more sparse that the styles of the mid-20th century. Minimalistic takes this to the extreme, with as much space as possible. This style of room will use neutral and understated tones – white and pastel colours, or light and soft coloured woods.

Grey or white floors work well for minimalism décor. This included floors that are lime washed to give a chalky appearance. Alternately, floors can be very dark or black to contrast with the light décor.

Narrow timber planks help give the floor an open look.


This is similar to other sleek styles, but is incorporates curving lines. And is may be more fluid when it combines styles.

Natural wooded is popular with contemporary design, often with some rugs to other decorations to provide a change from the straight lines of the floorboards.


This uses neat, clean lines, cool colours and lots of natural light. Elements of the room may be anything from bright plastic to polished metal.

Light or neutral coloured timber floors work well here. Grey is one possibility.  Alternate, a dark floor can contrast with the light décor and bring warmth and texture to the room.


Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlay can be placed beneath the top floor and the subfloor. It confers several benefits.

Noise control

As the name implies the acoustic underlay will reduce the noise that carries outside the room, so neighbours (especially those in the rooms below) will not be disturbed by the sound of anybody walking on the floor. Acoustic underlay will also help deaden the sound inside the room, reducing echo and keeping things quiet.


A hard floor can be hard on the bare foot. But floating floors with underlay will have a certain amount of springiness than makes them easier to walk on.

Thermal insulation

Acoustic insulation will provide some thermal insulation for a room, heling to keep the temperatures stable. This means retaining the heat in the winter and staying a little bit cooler in the summer. Thermal insulation means that heaters and air conditioners can achieve the same or better results with less effort and energy.

Dust and moisture Protection

Underlay prevents dust, allergens, and moisture from getting tapped under the floor. As long as the floor surface is kept clean there are no hidden spaces for dust and moisture to accumulate.

Floating Timber flooring Perth

Acoustic underlay goes beneath a floating floor. Floating Timber floors with underlay are solid and durable, and ideal for dance floors or any area that has heavy traffic and a need to keep the noise to a minimum. 

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate can also be used as a floating floor over acoustic underlay. This is quite fine for most domestic situations, the type of thing used in apartment or upper floors housing to prevent noise form disturbing people downstairs.


Vinyl Tiles Perth

Vinyl Tiles Perth

You can completely transform the look of a room by adding a floating floor. Vinyl planks and laminate are ideal for floating floors. Both are durable, affordable and come in many different colours and patterns.

Vinyl Plank and Tiles Flooring Perth

Vinyl planks are usually designed to look like wood. This includes fancy and exotic styles of timber, reclaimed wood, and neat, austere types of timber. But they can also have a stone or marble look.

Easy installation

Vinyl planks and tiles neatly lock together, so assembly required only minimal skill


Vinyl is less than half the price of the cheapest timbers.


Vinyl is easy to clean with just vacuuming, sweeping or mopping.


Vinyl will accept more liquid spills than timber or carpet, and is nor prone to damage like hard tiles.


Vinyl stays at the same temperature as the rest of the room. It is not hard and cold like tiles.


  • After installing vinyl the room must be aired for a few days so that VOC (Volatile Chemicals) can clear up. This same rules applies to carpets and varnished floors.
  • Wheelchairs may have trouble on vinyl floors, but this also applies to most internal flooring.
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Edges and Sealing

The edge of timber floor Sydney

Many rooms in the house may have timber floors. But bathrooms and kitchens will have tiles or some other form of waterproof flooring. At some point there will be a transition between these tiles and the flooring used in the next room. This transition will need a cover edge, and perhaps some other treatment.

Tile Floor Transitions.
The space where the tile floor meets the next floor may need waterproofing. This requires sealing with silicone. If the space is not sealed there is a risk of water leaking under the floor and causing long term damage.

Gap between floors.

There is usually a metal strip over the transition space between different floors. This will either need to be glued into place, or attached with nails or screws. Attaching this transition strip will be difficult if there is a gap between the two floors, or if there is only silicone in the space. The transition strip will need to be attached to something solid in order to stay in place.

The gap can be filled with wood putty or builders bog. This will hold nails or screws quite well.

Uneven Floor levels.

Tiles are often slightly higher than the floor in the nest room. Metal edges can be purchased that accommodate this level transition.

Types of edge strip

Many edge strips are plain metal. A few are timber. These can be nailed or screwed into place. Occasionally an edge strip will have a rubber strip down the centre that covers up the screws.


Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate combines the best properties of several materials to produce attractive and durable flooring.

Laminate has a great advantage in imitating the appearance of wood, stone or almost any other material.

Structure of laminate flooring Perth


The appearance of laminate comes from the photorealistic layer beneath the top surface. It is this layer that imitates the appearance of wooden timber flooring, but it can imitate tiles, stone, or other material if required. The only disadvantage to the photorealistic appearance is that it cannot be changed – you cannot stain or colour the laminate.

Top protection.

The top surface of laminate is a hard protective coating. This is fairly durable, protecting the appearance of the floor. But it is not indestructible, so furniture needs to be separated from the floor with coasters of felt pads. This precaution should also be taken on timber and other floors.

Main layer

The main structure of laminate is either fibreboard or melamine resin. These are fairly ridged and stable materials. They are unlikely to warp or bend unless that are on an unstable surface.

Use of Laminate

Laminate is a type of flooring that can be put over a subfloor like cement. If the cement subfloor is stable and flat the laminate can be installed with minimal trouble.

Laminate has tongue and groove edges that neatly lock together. This makes installation quite simple, ideal for DIY projects.

Because laminate is quite stable there is no need to provide gaps between the planks. Gaps are needed in some other flooring materials to accommodate expansion and contraction. But laminates is almost completely free from this.

Laminate often has antimicrobial additives to prevent microbe infections.

Laminate is great for a DIY subfloor project.


Cuts of Wood

Wood can be cut from a tree in many different way. Different means of cutting the tree will alter the strength of the timber planks produced and give different grain patterns. The different cutting methods will produce different amounts of wasted wood.
Flat Saw.
Timber can be cut from a log in parallel planks.
Little wastage of timber.
The quality of the timber varies. A plank cut through the centre of the tree will have good quality grain and near optimal strength. Planks from the top and bottom of the log will tend to have poor grain, minimal strength and be a less width.

Quarter Saw
Timber is cut from the outside of the tree (the bark) towards the centre.
The grain pattern and strength of the timber planks is consistently good for all the planks
There is a moderate amount of wastage, which might be used to make chipboard (particle board)

The best quality timber planks can be used for polish wooden furniture and flooring. The lower quality timber, which may simply have unattractive grain patterns, can be painted and used for furnishings, window sill, doors. Or left unpainted and used for internal framework

Timber Flooring Perth
Timber floors use good quality hardwood. This has attractive grain patterns, and can last for decades under reasonable conditions.