Swelling, Cupping and Moisture Problems.

Good quality bamboo is quite good at resisting moisture and is not really inclined to buckle. Bamboo that is 6 – 7 years old is very stable and far less likely to bend with moisture. Bamboo made from multiple layers of wood is also more stable than cheap building materials, akin to engineered wood.

Bamboo being scratched.

This is a problem with many floor surfaces. But the scratching is not very deep, not harming the material itself. It is only the surface finish being taken off. If the surface finish, stain or colour, is reapplied the problems is solved.

As with any decent quality flooring it is important to take measures that prevent scratches. Put furniture on coasters, have all people remove shoes.

Environment and Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast growing grass rather than a tree. It can be harvested after 7 years, leaving the roots to produce more bamboo. This is much faster than timber which takes several decades to grow and which can only be obtained by killing the tree. 

Bamboo is a fairly good produce environmentally.

Fading Bamboo Flooring Perth

Timber flooring will often darken in sunlight; many other flooring materials will tend to fade. Bamboo is like many other floors in that it tend to fade to a lighter colour when exposed to the Sun over the course of many years. Furniture often suffers the same fate. It is best to take precautions against this.

Putting UV glass in windows will prevent fading in floors and furniture. Curtains or blinds will also achieve this when closed, though they will block the sunlight as well.

Bamboo flooring Perth

Consider bamboo for flooring in almost any room in your house.

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