Basement Flooring

Some homes have basements that can be put to use, either as storage space of as an addition living space.  This basement will require some flooring. The best type of flooring will depend on just what the room is used for. 

The conditions are quite different the other rooms in the home. Basements can have moisture problems which require a combination of waterproofing and a suitable flooring material that will handle this potential moisture. Moisture problems can lead to mould and mildew problems. It can also lead to shrinking and warping with some types of warping materials.


This is an inexpensive option, and available in many different styles that can replicate other flooring materials, from timber to stone. This is a good option for an inexpensive renovation.

Vinyl is fairly good with moisture, though it is not immune to mildew and mould. So if it is used in a basement it will need to be kept clean and decontaminated.

Laminate flooring Perth

This is also fairly inexpensive, and can replicate the appearance of timber, stone or other floor materials. But it is not good with standing moisture problems. So it can only be used in the basement if there are very dry conditions, i.e.: the basement is thoroughly water proofed.

Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles are excellent for dealing with moisture, and they last for decades. The downside is that they are hard and cold on the feet.

Tiles are fine for putting on a concrete slab in the basement, though they can be expensive. Some cheaper tile options are possible.

Hardwood Timber Flooring Perth

Timber hardwood is only suitable for basements if there are no moisture issues. Timber will warp then then is moisture in the air. Have the basement professionally tested (summer and winter conditions) and water proofed if you want timber flooring

Engineered Hardwood

A floating engineered floor can be installed over a concrete subfloor. This engineered timber will handle mild moisture problems well as it is less prone to warping. But the basement conditions must be fairly dry as no timber will work with constant moisture.

Cement – sealing

As many basements already have cement floors many people choose to leave this as it is; it is fine for a storage space. Else, the floor can be sealed with epoxy for a tough, long lasting finish.


Carpet is not really suitable for basements. It will tend to grow mouldy, which is a health risk. Some people are tempted to use old carpet in the basement, but the health risks form mould are not worth it.


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