Cleaning Engineered laminate

Laminate Flooring Perth

Engineered, laminated floors are different to more traditional hardwood floors. The individual floorboards are made of several layers of wood. This multilayer design produces floorboards that are very stable and fairly strong; it also allows a thin top layer of fine wood chosen for an attractive appearance.

The top veneer of an engineered floor provides the attractive finish. As long as this is not compromised the floor will last for decades. Avoid anything that will cause wear to this top veneers, such as abrasive cleaning methods.

Laminate cannot be re-sanded, the top veneer is too thin and will wear away.

Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

Floors made of engineered floorboards lock together neatly with the ‘tongue and groove’ edges. This makes the floor reasonably easy to install, and the tight connections produce a fairly watertight seal. Of course no timber is completely waterproof.

Engineered floorboards are unlikely to warp or bend under normal conditions. If warping or bending does occur there is an extreme moisture problem. All timber flooring will be damaged by long term flooding.

Cleaning Timber Flooring Perth

  • Floors can be swept with a light broom
  • Occasional mopping is recommended. Use hot water and a damp mop. Add some mild detergent if the floor is especially dirty.
  • Spot clean any stains with vinegar or window cleaner, then immediately clean this with hot water.
  • Vacuuming with a brush attachment is a good cleaning option.
  • Avoid steam cleaners and steam mops. They might cause damage to the wood.
  • If the floor seems to retain dirt and grime then there may be soap scum on the surface. This causes dirt to stick to the floor. Try removing this soap scum by mopping with diluted vinegar in hot water.


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