Timber Flooring Perth

Cleaning Wooden Floors

Cleaning Wooden Floors

Timber Flooring Perth

Natural wood has many advantages over other flooring materials. As well as being attractive and low allergen it is also relatively easy to clean.

laminate and engineered flooring are also easy to clean.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate contains no real wood, but replicates the appearance of wood with a photorealistic image.

Engineered Timber Flooring Perth

This uses several layers of real wood that are combined to give the best qualities of each. The top layer is for appearance, often being a fancy and expensive timber. The multiple layers beneath provide stability and strength.


A timber floor, hardwood or engineered, should be swept or vacuumed with a soft attachment every few day. And any spill should be dealt with immediately. If dirt is tracked onto the floor is should also be removed immediately, lest is scratch the floor.

The floor should also be given a wet cleaning about once per week. Sweep or vacuum the floor first, lest any dirt be turned into mud. Remember to remove and clean under any rugs.

Use a damp microfibre mop to clean the wooden floor. Do not let the floor get too wet as this is is bad for the timber, leading to warping.

Use a commercial wood cleaning solution in the water. Or use a small amout of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

Move the mop in the direction of the wood-grain. You can use a dry mop or microfibre cloth to dry the floor as you go.

Timber Flooring Perth

Quality Timber floors are easy to clean and maintain. And they last for decades.

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