Custom Bamboo

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Strand woven bamboo is an increasingly popular flooring material. It is an environmentally sound option that is fast growing and has proved a worth replacement for hardwood timber.

Bamboo can be processed during manufacture to change its colour. Many realistic timber colours are possible, as well as unorthodox colours for different synthetic décor options.

Early bamboo flooring had a reputation for scratching. Even as the main flooring material was very durable the very top surface would easily scratch. This issue has been rectified with latter bamboo flooring material which has been given a strong anti-scratch lacquer coating. Modern bamboos materials are durable and now also resist wear.

Custom Bamboo Flooring Perth.

The versatility of bamboo makes it ideal for customization. It can often be processed to match other flooring materials, or to match many synthetic colours.

If you have an unorthodox flooring idea, or if you want to copy an idea you admired elsewhere, then our company can copy of flooring example or even a photo and produce a bamboo with a matching colour and finish. We produce a test sample for your approval, and only start the manufacturing when you have approved. There is a minimum order size of 100 square meters.

AUS-6001 + 6006

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