Cuts of Wood

Wood can be cut from a tree in many different way. Different means of cutting the tree will alter the strength of the timber planks produced and give different grain patterns. The different cutting methods will produce different amounts of wasted wood.
Flat Saw.
Timber can be cut from a log in parallel planks.
Little wastage of timber.
The quality of the timber varies. A plank cut through the centre of the tree will have good quality grain and near optimal strength. Planks from the top and bottom of the log will tend to have poor grain, minimal strength and be a less width.

Quarter Saw
Timber is cut from the outside of the tree (the bark) towards the centre.
The grain pattern and strength of the timber planks is consistently good for all the planks
There is a moderate amount of wastage, which might be used to make chipboard (particle board)

The best quality timber planks can be used for polish wooden furniture and flooring. The lower quality timber, which may simply have unattractive grain patterns, can be painted and used for furnishings, window sill, doors. Or left unpainted and used for internal framework

Timber Flooring Perth
Timber floors use good quality hardwood. This has attractive grain patterns, and can last for decades under reasonable conditions.


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