Decorative Floors

Floor Tile Perth

Patterned tiles have remained quite popular. It is a simple matter to buy pre-patterned tiles for bathrooms or kitchen floors. More elaborate patterns require some planning, and have usually been the domain of larger and more elaborate buildings such as hotels and reception halls. But domestic housing can use decorative floor tiles in creative ways. The tiles themselves are no more expensive; good results depend on the creativity of the designer.

Patterned Timber Flooring Perth

Patterned timber floors are an older style of flooring that have started to return to popularity. They are a classic feature of many fine buildings, popular on ballroom dancing halls, reception halls and anything with a sense of class. The components of patterned floors are the same type of wood used for other floors, it is only the pattern that is unique. With some creativity wood can be used to great effect.

Parquetry flooring uses timber to create elaborate patterns. This can vary from gothic designs to modernist ideas.

Patterned Bamboo Flooring Perth

Flooring patterns with bamboo are a new area. Because bamboo is still relatively new in the west there is no history of it being used in older style home for murals of patterned floors. But as bamboo can be process to resemble dark or light wood of almost any colour there is obviously potential for bamboo to be used I many decorative ways.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate is a stable and reasonably durable type of timber built from layers of different wood. The top layer can be made to resemble any colour or style of timber, so different types of laminate could be used to create fancy patterns. Traditionally this type of floor pattern has been realized with solid timber, but laminate offers a new way to achieve similar results, or possibly new ideas not previously possible.