Edges and Sealing

The edge of timber floor Sydney

Many rooms in the house may have timber floors. But bathrooms and kitchens will have tiles or some other form of waterproof flooring. At some point there will be a transition between these tiles and the flooring used in the next room. This transition will need a cover edge, and perhaps some other treatment.

Tile Floor Transitions.
The space where the tile floor meets the next floor may need waterproofing. This requires sealing with silicone. If the space is not sealed there is a risk of water leaking under the floor and causing long term damage.

Gap between floors.

There is usually a metal strip over the transition space between different floors. This will either need to be glued into place, or attached with nails or screws. Attaching this transition strip will be difficult if there is a gap between the two floors, or if there is only silicone in the space. The transition strip will need to be attached to something solid in order to stay in place.

The gap can be filled with wood putty or builders bog. This will hold nails or screws quite well.

Uneven Floor levels.

Tiles are often slightly higher than the floor in the nest room. Metal edges can be purchased that accommodate this level transition.

Types of edge strip

Many edge strips are plain metal. A few are timber. These can be nailed or screwed into place. Occasionally an edge strip will have a rubber strip down the centre that covers up the screws.


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