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Floor Edge Strip

Floor Edge Strip

At some point the flooring in our homes comes to an end. There may be joins between the different types of floor in different rooms. Or the flooring will end at any door that leads outside. So we have to have an edge for the floor. The type of floor edge we use depends on the situation.

Most buildings use a strip of edging material between different floors. This edging strip is often made of metal, but wood or other material sis sometimes used. Some, slightly more expensive options, have a rubber top section that covers the screws or nails used to attach the edging strip. Other options simply recess the nail or screws to prevent them protruding and catching on anything.


Timber Flooring Perth

If the whole house has timber flooring then we need only have edging strips at the entrances and exits to the home. Else, we might need edging strips where the floor of one room meets the next room.

Edging strips are easy to attach to timber. They can be simply cut to size and screwed or nailed into place. This can be used to cover any gaps between floors.

Timber edging strips, over a darker colour than the floor, can look quite stylish on a lighter timber floor.


Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate floors will use floor edge strips in the same way manner as timber floors. They can easily be nailed or screwed into place.


Tiles Flooring Perth

Because of the nature of tiles a tiled floor will often be at a different height to the other floors in a home. If this is the case then we will need an edging strip that accommodates this change in level. This is not too difficult to obtain. Metal edging strips that accommodate height differences from a few millimetres to a few centimetres are available at hardware stores.

The joint between a tiled floor and the nest floor will often need waterproofing with silicon, because tiled floors are usually exposed to water. The edging strip will neatly cover up this sealed joint.


Floors Perth

Floors only require a few basic accessories, like edging strips and skirting boards. Choose these to complement the décor.

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