Four Options for Your Floor

Timber Flooring Perth

Good quality timber has been used for flooring for as long as there have been floors in buildings. Some floors have been known to last well over a century.

Quality hardwood timber takes many years to grow, and though it is initially more expensive than synthetic options it durability means it last much longer, proving cheaper in the long term. Of course the price varies according to the type of wood used.

Part of the appeal of timber is its natural grain and fine colour, aspects often enhanced with polish, finish and shine. Timber can be periodically re-sanded to remove the top layer, effectively restoring it to its original appearance. It can also be recoloured with a different stain or finish.

Timber flooring is environmentally friendly. Regrowing trees to produce more timber ensures that carbon dioxide is being absorbed form the atmosphere. As long as the timber is not burnt most of this CO2 remains stored in the wood.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo has been an increasingly popular flooring option over the last few years. It is both environmentally sound and surprisingly good as a flooring material.

Bamboo can be processed to look like many traditional timber floors. Its natural grain is quite appealing, and its colour can be altered to many natural looking finishes. When properly grown bamboo is quite durable and comparable to many better quality woods.

Bamboo is actually a grass that can grow to maturity in a few short years. Better quality bamboo requires about 7 years to reach optimal strength, but this is still far quicker than many sources of timber, where tress take decades to reach maturity. Bamboos fast growing time and ability to absorb carbon dioxide make it a sound environmental option.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate uses several layers or different woods to achieve a flooring products that combines the various strengths of all its different components. Laminate would combine an attractive top surface with a several strong supporting layers. This type of wood is highly resistant to warping.

The laminate’s surface can also consist of a photographic image protected by a layer of resin. This image can reproduce any type of wood, or even stone or tiles.

Laminate timber is one of the least expensive flooring options.

Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles are another form of flooring that has been in use for centuries. It is highly durable, reliable, and resistant to warping and is by far the best option for repealing water. Tiles can be made from stone, or ceramic materials, with almost limitless possibility of design.

Wood, Bamboo, laminate and Tiles Perth

There are many fine flooring option for any home. Ask our staff and find the best floor for your needs.