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Tiles are the best general flooring option for bathrooms and any part of the house that gets wet. No other material will handle wet conditions like tiles.

Using tiles is hardly a limitation. There are a very diverse range of tiles available, including many options that look like timber or stone. So if you prefer the look of wood for your floors, or even for the walls, you can have tiles that look the part.


Wall and Floor Tile Perth

As with any building materials we should consider the décor first. Both the style of tiles we use and the way we use them will make a huge difference to the appearance of a roo.


Walls with light colours tend to make the room look a little larger and brighter – more open. Floors can work well with darker tiles, especially if the walls (tiled or not) are lighter in colour.

Size Larger floor tiles tend to make the room look larger. They so require less grout between the tiles, so they are a little easier/quicker to install.

Larger tiles are also more popular on walls, looking more open. But this depends on the pattern.

Large plain tiles, or with a simple stone pattern, look more open and clean. Tiles with small detail, or just smaller tiles, can make a room look cluttered.

Combining with other surfaces.

We rarely use tiles on the whole bathroom. We might tile the entire floor, but the walls tend to use a combination of tiles and plain painted walls. Keep the walls colour in mind when choosing tiles.

White or plain colour walls will work with slightly patterned tiles. Walls with more vivid or darker colours look better with stark white tiles.

Most bathrooms have mirrors. This adds to the sense of space.

The window and shower curtains are also part of the décor, and should match the tiles. But curtains are fairly easy to replace.


Considerations with Tiles Flooring Perth

Porcelain tiles are fired at a much higher temperature than other tiles. This is part of the reason for their superior waterproofing qualities; they are also very hard wearing. So porcelain tiles are a good option for bathroom floors.

We can add underfloor heating before installing tiled floors, using hot water pipes or electrical cables to heat the floor, and thence the rest of the room. This is a major design consideration, and obviously need to be incorporated before the tiles are put in place. But the results are very effective, and long lasting.


Floor Tile Perth

Large scale manufacture and the large number of available options make tiles great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The price is moderate, and there is always a range of great decor options. We have the type of tiles Perth homes find popular.


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