Hard Floor Hacks

  • Use coasters under all furniture to prevent scratches in the floor. There are coasters available in felt, rubber, plastic and cork.

Floors with carpeting can also use a larger type of caster to prevent the heavy furniture causing flat indentations in the carpet surface.

  • Hard floors sometimes seem to retain dirt, especially tiles. This can be caused by soap scum or detergent that has dried on the floor surface, leaving a sticky residue that makes dirt hard to remove. Cleaning the hard floor with a slightly acidic solvent, sometimes just a small amount of vinegar or lemon in hot water, is enough to remove the problem. Citrus solvents (like De-Solve-It) can also clean up sticky spots on floors.
  • Matts and rugs are good on hard floors, especially during winter when we want to warm up the room. But they are prone to slipping.

Use mats with rubber backing to prevent slipping on hard floors, or add rubber to the back of the mat. Sometime it is sufficient to add rubber to the mat’s corners. 

  • Static mops pick up a lot of dust from the floor surface. This are less troublesome that vacuums of mops, and are very effective for regular cleaning.
  • Scuff marks on many hard floors can be removed with a melamine eraser (AKA as a magic eraser).
  • Many ink stains or other marks can be removed with either hand sanitizer or by rubbing with toothpaste on a wet cloth.
  • Some flooring will slowly change colour in strong sunlight. UV tinted glass windows are the best defence against this, and will protect furniture and home residents too. Else, any decent curtains or blinds will block most UV light from outside.
  • Have some slippers for all the house residents to wear indoors. This keeps feet warm on hard surfaces that tend to be cold, and prevents scratching the floor with dirt from outside.

Timber Flooring Perth

Hardwood timber is extremely long lasting. And one of its great sales points is that the surface can be re-sanded should it suffer superficial wear.

Different flooring materials can be repaired in different ways. Damaged tiles can be replaced while leaving the rest of the floor unaffected. This is very easy with vinyl tiles.

Well maintained floors last for many decades.


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