Hardwood Floor Advantages

Timber Flooring Perth

There are advantages to using hardwood timber flooring in your home, hardwood being one of the oldest and most enduring options.

  • Good quality hardwood lasts for decades.
  • Timber hardwood can be left bare, partially covered with rugs, or completely covered with carpet.
  • Owners can cover of uncover their wooden floors according to the season. Warm rugs in winter, cool bare surfaces in summer.
  • Hardwood floors, unlike laminate, can be sanded down and restored to their original appearance. If the wooden floor shows sign of wear after ten years of use, sanding makes it look like new again. Re-sanding every 10 years still means the floor will comfortably last for a century.
  • Hard surface floors are easy to sweep clean, unlike carpets which need vacuuming and occasional deep steam cleaning.
  • Wood is a good option of you have underfloor heating, especially hydronic heating.
  • Timber flooring has virtually no issues with allergies and dust mites.
  • Pets cause fewer issues with hard surface flooring.
  • Wood in natural, and preferable to synthetic substances that try to imitate a natural look. As such, wood has a more expensive, more luxurious feel over most other options.
  • Timber floors do not fall in and out of fashion. Good timber flooring is consistently rated as one of the better options in décor.
  • Stone and tile floors are very cold and too hard for anybody who falls. Wood is warmer, and not nearly as hard when it comes to accidents.
  • Real Estate Agents claim the buyers prefer wooden floors and that houses with wooden floors well more easily.