Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate combines the best properties of several materials to produce attractive and durable flooring.

Laminate has a great advantage in imitating the appearance of wood, stone or almost any other material.

Structure of laminate flooring Perth


The appearance of laminate comes from the photorealistic layer beneath the top surface. It is this layer that imitates the appearance of wooden timber flooring, but it can imitate tiles, stone, or other material if required. The only disadvantage to the photorealistic appearance is that it cannot be changed – you cannot stain or colour the laminate.

Top protection.

The top surface of laminate is a hard protective coating. This is fairly durable, protecting the appearance of the floor. But it is not indestructible, so furniture needs to be separated from the floor with coasters of felt pads. This precaution should also be taken on timber and other floors.

Main layer

The main structure of laminate is either fibreboard or melamine resin. These are fairly ridged and stable materials. They are unlikely to warp or bend unless that are on an unstable surface.

Use of Laminate

Laminate is a type of flooring that can be put over a subfloor like cement. If the cement subfloor is stable and flat the laminate can be installed with minimal trouble.

Laminate has tongue and groove edges that neatly lock together. This makes installation quite simple, ideal for DIY projects.

Because laminate is quite stable there is no need to provide gaps between the planks. Gaps are needed in some other flooring materials to accommodate expansion and contraction. But laminates is almost completely free from this.

Laminate often has antimicrobial additives to prevent microbe infections.

Laminate is great for a DIY subfloor project.


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