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Laminate in the Bathroom

Bathroom Floor Tile Perth

Because bathrooms are inevitably wet areas we have to choose a flooring material that will handle these wet conditions. For may years this meant that bathrooms had tiled floors, or occasionally cement or stone. But in some cases it is possible to use laminate flooring for some bathrooms.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate flooring material has 4 layers. The main Central layer provides stability. The Layer on top of this has a printed appearance, looking like timber, stone or tiles. The very top layer is clear, and provides protection against scratches. There is also a thin base layer to protect against moisture seeping in underneath.

Separate Toilets

Many of us have a separate bathroom and toilet. The room with the toilet may include a small sink. These rooms are often do quite well with laminate flooring because there is rarely any water on the floor, and no steam from a shower or bathtub. Laminate is fine in these moderately dry conditions.

Private Bathrooms/En-suites

Some modern houses have a small bathroom only used by one or two people, like an en-suite off the main bedroom. If the owner is meticulous about keep in the bathroom clean and dry then it is possible to use laminate in this space and not suffer any moisture problems.
We recommend exhaust fans, dehumidifiers and bathmats to reduce moisture in the air.

When it comes to water on the floor the weak point for laminate is the gaps between floorboards. Water can seep into the tiniest of gaps. This can be eliminated by sealing the seams between boards, providing an invisible barrier to the water.

All bathrooms should have a cement sub-floor, which is completely waterproof. If laminate is damaged by water, (perhaps due to a flood or serious pluming fault) it is not to expensive to replace the laminate. The water will not cause any appreciable damage to the rest of the building.

Laminate floors do require underlay. We strongly recommend waterproof underlay for bathrooms which will greatly reduce moisture issues.

It is also possible to combine tiles with laminate. we can use tiles around the perimeter of the shower and bath and use laminate for the rest of the floor. White tiles and timber style laminate can make an attractive combination.

Wear and Tear
Laminate usually has a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years; it wears away as people walk on it. But laminate will last much longer in a bathroom because there will be fewer people using the space. Laminate will easily last for decades is a small, occasionally used room.

Timber Flooring Perth

Modern flooring materials provide more decor options than ever before. And while we would not recommend timber for a bathroom we can use laminate or tiles that replicate the appearance of timber. This allows for some very stylish, very modern bathroom designs.

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