Main Floor Options

Main Floor Options

Main Floor Options


We might have one type of flooring for most of the house, or different floors in different rooms. At the very least we will have a waterproof flooring in the bathroom. There are several main floor options. We can choose between these for the sake of appearance or functionality.


Timber Flooring Perth

This is one of the oldest options, but it remains popular because it is both long lasting and attractive if finished well.

Part of the appeal of natural timber is the woodgrain. This is a pleasant mixture or natural patterns and randomness, being neither sterile nor too ‘messy’. Attractive woodgrain can be enhanced with colour stain and polishing. And protected with coatings like polyurethane.

While durable and long lasting timber can eventually suffer superficial surface scratching. This can be removed with re-sanding. Many home owners choose to re-sand their timber floors every decade or so, to restore the original appearance. Else, re-sanding can be used if you wish to stain the floors a different colour.

Timber, from trees, takes many years to grow. But it also lasts for many years, often over a century. This makes it cheaper in the long term, because the floor rarely needs be replaced. As long as new trees are replanted to replace the timber being harvested then the process is environmentally friendly.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo is a more recent flooring trend. It can be processed to look like traditional timber, processed to have unique colours, or left to look like natural bamboo. It is also less expensive than timber and most other floorings.

Bamboo is hard and durable, though older styles of bamboo flooring were prone to surface scratching. If we protect the surface, perhaps with polyurethane, then the bamboo floor will last quite well.

Bamboo is fast growing, reaching maturity in only 7 years. This makes it an environmentally friendly option.


 Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate might be thought of as an artificial wood. It has a photorealistic image of natural woodgrain on top of a fibre board, all covered with a protective clear coating. Some laminate has a photorealistic image or stone or other material.

Laminate timber is one of the least expensive flooring options. It is easy to maintain and reasonably durable.


Tiles Flooring Perth

Tiles are the best choice for any room that is exposed to water. They are used in almost all bathrooms, and often in kitchens, laundries and spas. Tiles also work well on walls as well as floors.

There are many type of tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass. All are hard wearing and last for decades. If a tile is damaged it is not too difficult to replace.


Wood, Bamboo, laminate and Tiles Perth             

There are many fine floor options for any home. Ask our staff and find the best floor for your needs.



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