Mixing Wood

Of course we cannot decorate a room with just one colour. Décor is about combining differences in a coherent way. This is not too difficult if we plan the final look in advance. But it can be a problem if the various elements of the room are accumulated over the course of time. Nonetheless if we plan an overall style for a room we can buy additional items in accordance with that look.

Wood tones need not be identical, but they should complement each other. Look to see if the colour of the wood is warm or cool; and see if their undertones match. Dark furniture on a light colour floor can work well.

Similar wood grains in wood can help the different wooden elements fit together. Larger grains often look quite casual; fine grain looks more formal.

If two wooden items really are dissimilar the clash can be downplayed with a buffer. A rug or carpet acts as a buffer to smooth the transition between a wooden floor and dissimilar wooden table. Experiment (at least mentally) with different colour buffers.

Having a certain style of wood appearing more than once in the room can create a natural looking pattern. Chairs can match a table, shelves match another furniture item. Best to limit this to no more than three timber types per room.

White surfaces work with many types of wood. Using white is a fairly safe bet.

Timber Flooring Perth

Good wooden flooring goes with many décor styles. And laminate, tiles and bamboo also work well with wooden furniture. There are many options to choose from.


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