Wooden Tile Flooring Perth

Even if the name is unfamiliar most of us have seen parquet flooring. Parquet consists of wooden floor tiles arranged in geometric patterns. This is an elegant style of flooring seen in classic churches, hotel lobbies, fine reception halls and ballrooms.

The patterns in parquet flooring range from simple rectangles tiles to complex geometric patterns. The simple floor tiles can easily be ordered and installed, though they require more skill than timber planks. Complex patterns are usually custom made for a particular floor. These complex patterns may even be a mosaic picture with a theme appropriate to the specific church or building.

Simple parquet patterns include checker board, herringbone, and basket weave. These are usually one type of wood, with maple, walnut, wenge, cherry, teak, and beech being popular. A few high end Basketball courts use hard maple parquet.

Complex parquet floor use a variety of a variety of different woods to form their pattern.

Timber Flooring Perth

Parquet floors are as robust as most quality timber floors. But even the best woods are not immune to all damage. Parquet floors that are heavily worn can be re-sanded to restore their original timber appearance.

An advantage of parquet floors, as with any tiled surface, is that an individual tile can be replaced if damaged. This prevents the need of renovating the entire floor.


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