Heating flooring


Product Description

Our product applied for advanced materials and heating technology, far-infrared intelligent heating technique, and mixing carbon micro-crystalline particles with pure wood pulp, to save a great deal of energy consumption compared with other traditional home heating methods and equipment. The energy-saving of IHF (Intelligent Heating Floor) is at least 11% less than air-conditioning, 46% less than a gas heater, 80% less than portable electric heater in small rooms, and 11% less than air-conditioning, 79% less than the electric panel, 38% less than gas heater in a large area, and 30% less than gas ducted heating, 30% less than gas hydronic, 11% less than air-conditioning in a small house.
Smart temperature control: With safety temperature sensors, after the structural damage control, liquid sealing test, and electromagnetic radiation test, the whole heating system offers you the maximum-security guarantee.
Extremely fast heating: The connection is very fast, 10 minutes up to hot sense, 20 minutes for work heating status.
Customize and quick installation: A few hours to complete, making the house upgrade so easy and convenient! With the wifi modules, you can control the whole floor & wall heating system with your phones, no matter where you are, no matter when you want, the floor heating systems are your warmest housekeeper.

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