Questions on Hardwood Floors

Questions on Hardwood Floors

Timber Floors have many advantages over most other flooring materials. timber, along with stone and tile, has been in use for centuries as a flooring materials. Other materials have come and gone, but timber remains popular because it is durable, attractive, and has other advantages.

Durability of Hardwood

Not all types of wood are long lasting, but hardwood manages to last very well. It is fairly resistant to superficial damage (like scratching), and the main structure lasts for decades, if not centuries. Timber flooring will easily last as long as the house does. And if there is superficial damage it can be sanded away. Even a floor that is re-sanded every 10 years will still last for a hundred years.
Look at the Janka hardness ranking of any timber used for flooring. the higher the Janka number the harder the wood. A Janka number of 10 is considered very hard. Even 7 is quite good for a long lasting floor.

Should I replace timber floors?

Unless there is bad flood damage a timber floor should not need replacing. It should last for decades. Have the floor sanded if there is superficial damage.
Some soft timber floors, like pine, might need replacing after a few decades. But as this is inexpensive material so the investment and replacement cost are moderate. And it should still last several decades.

What about pets?

Pets have claws that can scratch most floor materials. But hardwood is largely immune to this. Where pets claws will quickly ruin carpet, or vinyl, hardwood suffered little, if any damage.
Pets can be declawed, or trained to scratch a post. This prevents damage to any floor.


where carpets will harbor allergens, dust mites and other contaminants, hardwood has virtually no problems. If a hardwood floor is swept or vacuumed weekly there will be no allergen problems.

How long does timber floor re-sanding and polishing take?

re-sanding only takes a day or two, even for a large house.
adding a polyurethane coating can take a few days. the coating takes time to dry, and several layers are needed. Water based polyurethane can have several coats applied in a day, if the weather/humidity is mild. And it will be ready to walk on a day or two later.
Polishing can be done is a single day.

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