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Steam Mops

‌‌Steam Mop Cleaning

Steam mops came on the market in about 2005. They effectively made some type of floor cleaning much quicker. They are convenient, clean well, and avoid any chemicals, relying on heat to remove dirt and decontaminate the floor.

Steam mops are a single self contained unit. They heat the water in their tank to beyond boiling point and apply the resulting steam to a soft mop pad. The intense heat is forced into the small spaces on the floor, where it kills 99% of bacteria and dust mites, while removing almost all stains and dust on the hard floor surface.

A steam mop is free from all chemicals, so it is healthy and environmentally friendly. They also leave minimal moisture on the floor, so it dries very quickly

Floor tile Perth
‌‌Steam mops are ideal for tiles. Ceramic and other hard tiles will work well with the heat and (mild) moisture of the steam cleaning. So the cleaning will be quick and effective.
With a steam mop there is no need to deal with a bucket of dirty water when cleaning the tiles.

Laminate flooring Perth

We probably should not use steam mops on laminate. There is too much risk of the heat damaging the laminate. Some low heat mops might be suitable, but it probably isn’t worth the risk.
Then again, laminate is easy to vacuum or sweep clean.

Timber flooring Perth
Timber floors probably shouldn’t be cleaned with a steam mop. Timber, especially is not sealed, will not take the heat and moisture very well. Timber floors, which are expensive, will tend to warp and buckle with moisture and steam.
Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo flooring should not be cleaned with a steam mop. The bamboo will tend to buckle and warp under the heat and moisture of a steam mop.

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