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Sticky, Dirty Tiles

Sticky, Dirty Tiles

Tiles Perth
Tiles are a great option for bathrooms and anywhere that gets wet. They are hard wearing, last for years, and if they are damaged it is not too difficult to replace a few isolated tiles.

Under the wrong circumstances floor tiles can attract grime and dirt. This may even occur when the tiles are brand new. the tiles seem impossible to keep clean.

This cleaning problem is due to soap scum on the tile surface. This soap scum residue will cause everything to stick to the floor, even the lightest dust. Regular cleaning makes little difference- the floor just stay dirty. This is because we are just trying to remove soap scum with more soap.

Areas with hard water tend to have more problems with soap scum as the soap will not foam with hard water. This hard water will also leave minerals on the floor.

If we want clean tiled floors will need to remove the soap scum. Once this is done the tiles will stay clean with minimal effort.

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To clean tiles with soap scum we need a solution that will break down the soap.

Try detergent mixed with vinegar. dilute this with hot water, and use a scrubbing brush to clean the tiled floor. Then mop the floor.
Try cleaning with a paste made from baking soda and vinegar. Leave this on the tiles for a few minutes, then use a scrubbing brush to clean the tiles. Mop the floor afterwards.
Commercial cleaners are available that will clean soap scum off tiles. Follow the instruction, though this usually means leaving the cleaner on the tiles for a few minutes before scrubbing and mopping.
A paste made from borax and water will remove soap scum. Clean with a stiff brush. Them Mop clean.
Water from a high pressure hose can be used to clean the tiles once the soap scum is removed.

After the soap scum is removed the tiles should look shiny again.
If you have not already done so, consider having the floor, the tiles and grout, sealed.

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There are a vast assortment of tiles available for floors and walls. Find the style of tile that suits you and your home, and enjoy the results with minimal maintenance.

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