Timber Floor Finishes

Clean finishes will preserve the woodgrain pattern of timber while providing a protective coating. If desired, the finish can alter the timber’s colour, turning light timber a pleasant light brown.

Water Polyurethane

This is highly transparent clean finish, preserving the natural wood colour.

It is quick drying, allowing floors to be recoated in two hours. Usually a floor will require about four coats, which can be applied in one day at two hour intervals.

These are moderately priced.

Oil Based Polyurethane

This is a clear but tinted finish, which will give the timber a slightly Amber hue. They will slowly darken over time in Sunlight

These oil based finishes are thicker than the water based varieties, so the floor will only two or three coats. The downside is that they take much longer to dry. Allow 12 hours between coats.

These are less expensive than water polyurethane.

Both types of polyurethane are fairly hard, provide good protective surfaces, and will tend to bond the timber boards together.

Tung Oil (AKA China Wood Oil)

This finish gives the classic old look of rich amber brown timber, the colour of a violin. It penetrates the timber, and gives a natural matt finish surface finish. It is ideal for waxing or burnishing, though the Tung oil floor should be left to cure for four weeks before any polishing or other treatments are applied.

Tung oil can be reapplied over timber previously treated with Tung Oil without sanding the floor. Polyurethane floors should be re-sanded.

Timber Flooring Perth

Hardwood floors remain a classic option for housing. With minimal maintenance they will last for decades. And can be re-sanded and re-finished for a new appearance.

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