Timber Flooring Perth

Timber floors can have a variety of different appearances, so a timber floor can give a totally different feel to a room. This is a major consideration in designing a room’s décor.


Rustic is the older look of simple countryside furniture and rooms. The contemporary rustic look is warm and open, while still simple and earthy, with an outdoors feel. The lines of the furniture and room can be a little loose.

For contemporary rustic think brickwork, exposed architecture, natural unpainted wood, natural elements, and warm earthy colours.

Solid timbers are ideal for rustic floors. This included using reclaimed wood for floors. Medium and dark wood, or woods stained medium dark, are appropriate here. Many prefer wide planks.


Most modern decors are more sparse that the styles of the mid-20th century. Minimalistic takes this to the extreme, with as much space as possible. This style of room will use neutral and understated tones – white and pastel colours, or light and soft coloured woods.

Grey or white floors work well for minimalism décor. This included floors that are lime washed to give a chalky appearance. Alternately, floors can be very dark or black to contrast with the light décor.

Narrow timber planks help give the floor an open look.


This is similar to other sleek styles, but is incorporates curving lines. And is may be more fluid when it combines styles.

Natural wooded is popular with contemporary design, often with some rugs to other decorations to provide a change from the straight lines of the floorboards.


This uses neat, clean lines, cool colours and lots of natural light. Elements of the room may be anything from bright plastic to polished metal.

Light or neutral coloured timber floors work well here. Grey is one possibility.  Alternate, a dark floor can contrast with the light décor and bring warmth and texture to the room.


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