Underfloor Heating for Timber Flooring

Heating and Timber Flooring Perth

Countries in Asia and some parts of Europe often heat their homes with underfloor heating. This heating method generally uses hot water running through pipes under the floorboards giving warmth to both the floor and the air in the room. An alternative method, the use of electrical wire heating under the floor, is also becoming popular.

Underfloor heating has some advantages over other heating methods.  It tends to be quite efficient, because there is very little heat lost through the roof. The heat rises from the floor and heats the room in a way that feels very natural. It simply seems like warmer weather. Furthermore, underfloor heating has no hot surfaces, so there is no possibility for anybody burning themselves.

Unlike air conditioning or turbo-heaters there is no moving air or noise with underfloor heating. Because there is no moving air there is very little circulation of germs should anybody be ill.

Underfloor water heating is best installed when the house is first built, or when the flooring is being replaced. It works best with bare timber or other hard flooring surfaces.

Underfloor electrical heating can be installed under carpet. It can also be installed under wood when the house is built or the floor replaced.

Heating Laminate Flooring Perth

Engineered floors are particularity good for hydronic heating because the floorboards suffer minimal expansion when the temperature changes.

Underfloor Heating and Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo flooring should be give similar heating results to timber floors. Yet bamboo offers many different décor options not possible with other flooring materials.

Floors can also be heated with electrical wiring under carpets or rugs. These methods do not require any modification to the flooring material, though they must be installed before the carpet is laid.


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