Vinyl Tiles Perth

Vinyl Tiles Perth

You can completely transform the look of a room by adding a floating floor. Vinyl planks and laminate are ideal for floating floors. Both are durable, affordable and come in many different colours and patterns.

Vinyl Plank and Tiles Flooring Perth

Vinyl planks are usually designed to look like wood. This includes fancy and exotic styles of timber, reclaimed wood, and neat, austere types of timber. But they can also have a stone or marble look.

Easy installation

Vinyl planks and tiles neatly lock together, so assembly required only minimal skill


Vinyl is less than half the price of the cheapest timbers.


Vinyl is easy to clean with just vacuuming, sweeping or mopping.


Vinyl will accept more liquid spills than timber or carpet, and is nor prone to damage like hard tiles.


Vinyl stays at the same temperature as the rest of the room. It is not hard and cold like tiles.


  • After installing vinyl the room must be aired for a few days so that VOC (Volatile Chemicals) can clear up. This same rules applies to carpets and varnished floors.
  • Wheelchairs may have trouble on vinyl floors, but this also applies to most internal flooring.
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