Wood Grain Finish

Wood grain painting has gained a certain amount of popularity. Craftsmen and DIY people of both genders will give wooden item like cabinets, Hi-Fi speakers, shelves, or musical instruments an imitation woodgrain finish with an appropriate tool because they prefer this look to plain colours.

Woodgrain finish often appears in synthetic building materials. Many laminates, floor tiles or synthetic surfaces for tabletops imitate the look of woodgrain. Wood veneer follows the same principle, with fine looking woodgrain over strong but plain looking base material.

Woodgrain appeals to two sides of our sense of aesthetic appreciation. It is a pattern, but it is not too regular or ‘perfect’. Our visual sense like to see order in what it perceives, but if that order is too regular it quickly finds this to be sterile, and tunes it out. Things that are too neat and regular are like a ticking clock that quickly becomes part of the background. Woodgrain is appealing because it combines order and randomness to give a result that is slightly regular. Our senses find this appealing.

Tiles Flooring Perth

Many floor tiles are synthetic, and either imitate the patterns of woodgrain or the similar patterns of natural stone. Sometimes this is a visual pattern under a smooth glossy surface, at other times the tile has the texture of woodgrain as well as the appearance. Talk to us about the options. There are many types of floor tile Perth has to offer.

Bamboo flooring Perth

Bamboo is a fast growing type of grass. It can be used to create flooring material that is environmentally sound. Bamboo can be processed to look like hardwood timber, which includes the woodgrain appearance.

Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate can imitate the look of any material. Its surface is a printed image, protected by a hard transparent coating. Often laminate will imitate woodgrain or natural stone. Laminate flooring is quite inexpensive, but is lasts quite well and can look great if the colours and surrounding décor are chosen to match.

Timber Flooring Perth

Natural Hardwood timber is one of the classic flooring materials. It is highly durable, lasts for decades, and its natural woodgrain appearance is so appealing that other flooring materials imitate its look.


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