Wood in the Home

Wood is a good option for the environment. Growing trees absorbs Co2 from the atmosphere, which helps clear the atmsophere. After it is harvested the wood retains almost all of this absorbed Co2. New trees grown to replace the harvested ones continue to absorb more Co2. Using more wood in our lives helps the environment, as long as the wood is not burnt.

Timber Flooring Perth

Wooden flooring remains popular, being appropriate for almost any décor if given the right stain. Furthermore, wooden floors are easy to adapt from summer to winter use; add a rug in winter for warmth, or let air circulate in summer heat. Wooden floors were once the only option for domestic homes, but they remained popular even when tiles, stone, and cement became available. Wood floors are a versatile, long lasting and visually pleasing option.

Wooden furniture

Furniture made from natural products has always retailed a sense of class. Plastic has never escaped its sense of cheapness, even when the artistic merit is noteworthy. In truth, many plastics and synthetic materials emit formaldehyde and other chemicals into the air, which is harmful to human health. These chemicals are minimal with wood and bamboo.

Wooden furniture, wardrobes and utensils are ideal for indoor use. Modern methods allow fancy designs with these natural materials.


Wooden cutting boards and utensils have antibacterial properties that quickly kill off germs, which gives them an advantage over cheap plastic. And they don’t cause knives to go dull.

Wooden kitchen cupboards look great with a natural woodgrain finish. Colour staining can match them to the rest of the décor.

Older kitchen floors always used tiles, over a wooden base. Now we can have kitchens with good quality hardwood flooring, which is more durable than tiling. Spills are not an issue when the floor is properly prepared, and if kitchen fumes are removed with an overhead extractor.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo is a modern alternative to timber, and becoming increasingly popular. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that can be processed to either replicate the look of wood, or be processed to have unorthodox colours. It requires a good protective finish to prevent scratching, but will last for many years.

Bamboo furnishings are also popular.

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